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Pursuant to ORS 65.167, notice is hereby given that after careful consideration and deliberation, the Multnomah Law Library’s board of directors voted unanimously to amend the Library’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws to change from a member to a nonmember corporation (as defined in ORS 65). The board determined that it is in the Library's best interest to take this step to modernize the Library's governance arrangements for more effective compliance and ease of administration.  In Oregon, active members vote on the election of the board of directors and have an annual meeting; the Library has not had active membership in many years. Individuals will still have full access to the Library's resources and materials, as nothing else will change. You may be a member of Multnomah Law Library if you were made a Lifetime Member in 1971 or received a complimentary membership by being a member of the MBA.  ORS 65.131(2) provides that no member is a member without his or her explicit or implied consent. To the extent a person has a record that he/she is an active member and objects to this change, he/she should notify Multnomah Law Library director Martha Renick at mrenick@multlawlib.org by July 3, 2019.


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Multnomah County Courthouse

1021 SW 4th Avenue

Room 442

Portland, Oregon 97204


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